Captain Liliana ( Minus coat) - Queens Blade Rebellion


Alcon 2012




For Alcon! To fit the pirate theme - because pirates are free, yo ho yo ho a pirates life for meeee!

Due to money i cant afford to do this with a coat - so away it goes!


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Progress Journal

24th August 2012


all but the hat, adding the frill on the skirt and adding velcro to the neck piece are done on my side of things!

Liam will be sorting : belt buckle ( maybe), jewel on neck piece, rapier. - and any painting that needs doing - like the skull on the hat :)

Just a quick picture - with a brown belt i've got ( need to add more holes into it though as it's meant for the waist not hips) and no makeup - because it was too late to bother with it last night LOL

13th July 2012


Top's done yay!

For a picture see my photos on this ;)

the wig i'm using is also seen there - it looks rather peachy in the picture - but it's pink- it's just the curtainageness stuff behind me effecting the colour lol!