Meiko (Matryoshka) - Vocaloid


Amecon 2012




Another thrown together costume for Ame, it's Vocaloid Madness! All I need for this is a Hoodie to sew the design on to. I know that in the designs Meiko doesn't have a hood, but I'm having issues finding a track top in red for an affordable amount, so a hoodie is more affordable right now. I'll keep looking though! The rest of this will be assembled from clothes I already own :D


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Progress Journal

26th July 2012

Definitely the last update!

Fleece arrived! It is very very snuggly indeed :D I have a few things to do today but once I'm done I'll get everything on and take a test photo. My first finished costume for Amecon, hooray :)

24th July 2012

Last Update~

I won my fleece, so now it's just waiting for it to be dispatched/delivered. If this is perfect, then Matryoshka will be all ready to go! I retrieved my black shorts and brwown gloves from my old house so I have them ready to pack, too.

I also did a make-up test for the first time with white snazaroo- it's surreal seeing your face all pale white but it covered really well. I already have some Ben-Nye final seal to keep everything in place so I shouldn't need to worry about sweating it off during the day, even if it is madly hot.

22nd July 2012

More fleeces?

I got outbid on the first fleece, boo :( So I've now placed a bid on another- pretty much the same, just plain red- but this one was slightly more expensive. The postage is free though, so that's a plus. It ends in 1 day, so fingers crossed!

14th July 2012


Well, I've been poking around eBay a few times, and I think I might be on to something with a jacket I found. No bids and 4 days left, which is good cos that's payday! It's just a fleece jacket, which isn't quite the tracksuit top I was looking for but alas- though it looks the part, so close enough! It's totally plain red so if I do get it I just have the simple job of adding some white around the collar.