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Amecon 2012




Something I came up with to do at Ame with Saffron. It's a bit last minute but thankfully I have nearly everything I need because it's a re-hash of my old magnet Teto costume. It needs fixing up a little but it's not anything big, and thankfully nothing expensive, either. Should be a lot of fun!

I feel it's worth saying that this isn't based on any one specific Magnet design, rather, it's an amalgam of a few elements but still very fitting with the design aspects of Magnet designs in and of themselves. I hope you like it!


Nymphie posted on 23 August, 2012 - 13:34
Oh wow! Looking awesome there jellybean! :) I especially love those headphones.

Fables posted on 23 August, 2012 - 14:33
Thankyou! :D I liked making them~ They're a bit messy, but fro a distance you can't really tell :P

Ranma1-2 posted on 23 August, 2012 - 18:13
So prettyyyyyyy ^_^

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Progress Journal

25th July 2012

Starting to re-do my dressu!

As the title says, I started working on the dress today, and I've actually gotten a fair bit done! I removed the sating ribbon around the waist, as well as the satin ribbon straps. I've unpicked the pockets, too, as I'm moving them a little. The main bulk of re-shaping the dress has also been done. I cut a slit down the front of the dress and re-shaped the neckline- it's a lot neater now and it fits a lot better at the sides because I re-shaped and sewed the darts. The only problem is I cut the darts away before I double checked, and the dress is actually too tight at the front and it flattens my boobs in this really ugly way, seriously it looks like I have a boob wall :'( Luke has reasuured me it looks fine though so I guess I'll take that risk.
Still left to do, I need to re-attach the pockets in the new place, and also attach the new straps I've cut out. I've got some lace that needs sewing around the waist as well as a couple of types to attach to the hem, and that's pretty much it.
I painted the silver design on my headphones, and even though I'm a horribly messy painter, it isn't too bad. I also made some mini gloves out of leftover lace! This should be totally finished by tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a test photo taken :)

23rd July 2012

Headphones are nearly done!

My headphones are 80% done now, whew! I suck at using craft knives, which means my butterflies are kinda wonky, but at least they're done! I used 4 layers- craft foam, two layers of blue perspex and another layer of craft foam- and glued these together with contact glue, then used stick on Velcro to put the wings on the headphones themselves. I need to paint the silver circular design and then they'll be done, hooray :)

Might start working on the dress tonight, if I'm not all work tired or anything.

22nd July 2012

Modifications Begin!

Now I've been paid, I leapt at the chance to get stuff started before I waste my money on unnecessary things! I bought a good amount of 3 different types of lace- it's all pretty cheap but it should do the job to look at! I plan on changing that satin ribbon waistband to a thinner one and add lace detailing to it, and I'm also altering the neckline slightly because I'm still not happy with it!

I found some really ideal headphones in Home Bargains for a teeny £2.99, so I spent last night giving them a base coat of black paint. Tonight I'll paint on the swirly circle pattern and finish cutting out my butterfly wings- I started this yesterday but rapidly got fed up of it!

My only quandary is how to attach the wings to the headset. Luke suggested stick on Velcro so I can remove them and pack them flat, which I think is a very good idea!