Lena Whittely (The Young Lover) - Original creation





Lena Whittely originally began as a "out of the blue" character because I ended up falling in love with a steam punk dress at a convention. There was no original design and no plans for a creation of a character like her as of yet. Even though I did not actually make this dress, I still find the overall composition of Lena to be sexy, but innocent; beautiful, but tragic.

The first run with her was with a short, slightly off-white wig that I had bought for an Alois Trancy cosplay that never went through, and I used the hat I created for the Volume 6 cover art of Ciel Phantomhive as an additional decor to the overall costume.

After viewing the pictures, I immediately fell in love with the first run, and decided to bring her back, but cast more as a "lover" than a sexy steam-punk girl.

This is the first run of Lena, and what she supposedly looked like before she fell in love with Aaron.

A friend of mine dressed the roll of her lover, "Aaron", and we took the second shoot to a nearby graveyard where we were staying in Illinois.

The effects were beautiful, and I personally feel that the emotions of the characters were successfully captured in the shoot.

The actual story follows the classic, star-crossed lovers tale with two aristocrats who fell in love during 19th Century, London. Lena, engaged to a young nobleman whom she had never met before, fell in love with another young nobleman of lesser status who was to be married. Sadly, Aaron falls victim to a disease, and Lena finds that she could not live without him. She takes her own life.

Classic (albeit a tad bit cliche), but the story was very beautiful to do in the graveyard. :-)

(these photos were taken at the hotel for Anime Iowa)


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