Mission Vao - Knights of the Old Republic




didn't feel like working on my ranger cosplay again, so i decided to start something else. since i was re-playing kotor at the time, i decided to go for mission vao. i always loved twi'leks- so ah, why not?

but as it turns out, i'm still terrible when it comes to procrastination.. only had around 4 days for this one, mostly because i got sick a week before and oh well.. the hardest part was the latex lekkus, which i pretty much f* up, but since the latex took ages to dry.. i couldn't redo them.

i had to do most of the airbrushing and other things on my way to london, or the night before the comic con.. didn't turn out as well as i wanted it to, but i have quite a lot of motivation to keep on working on it.


magsul posted on 10 February, 2014 - 23:16
Especially considering the amount of time you've said to have worked on it, you've done a fantastic job! Those lekku look great to me. ^_^