Gwendolyn (Valkyrie) - Odin Sphere





After dahlia and I won the European Cosplay Gathering preliminaries at Hyper Japan, we were approached by the event organiser Benjamin Zafrany who asked us if we were thinking about making new costumes for the finals. The rules originally stated that we had to wear the same costumes as our preliminary outfits unless we had express permission from the organisers, so we hadn't thought much about it. After getting home from the event, dahlia messaged me and suggested Odin Sphere- Oswald was a dream costume of hers, and the costumes together included aspects of armour work, corsetry, leather working, LEDs, nice wig work and feathers- all aspects that would work well in a competition. However I didn't want to agree to make a costume from a game that I had never played, so I quickly got a hold of Odin Sphere and started playing it.

Oh. My. God. Gwendolyn and Oswald's love story is one of the most touching and tragic love stories I have played/watched/read in a LONG time. I have so many feelings for this game it's unreal. Also, the gameplay is just pure fun- frustratingly, controller-breakingly difficult at times, but FUN. I'm so thankful that dahlia got me to play this game and to cosplay from it- it has quickly skyrocketed into my top 5 favourite games of all time and I think it's going to stay there.

Keeping this costume secret for 5 months has been hellish because I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets, but now that Japan Expo is over I can finally reveal all my progress images and talk to other Odin Sphere cosplayers and fans about this awesome game ;w; Hopefully I'll rewear Gwendolyn to another event soon, too. :)


Leolarua posted on 11 July, 2012 - 01:32
waifuuu <3

Tofu posted on 31 July, 2012 - 17:44
Upload all the stuffuuuuuusss! People need to see the lovelies! <3

Emzone posted on 19 September, 2012 - 21:37
Wear this soon so I can photograph it! <3

Amy-Lou posted on 14 November, 2012 - 15:27
So beautiful, hope you can find time to wear it again :D

Sephirayne posted on 20 September, 2013 - 03:26
This is a gorgeous costume. Love the photos

Progress Journal

19th September 2013

And I thought choosing leather for the corset was hard

From these miscellanious scraps I had to find enough leather that had a similar grain so I could cut out 16 of these stupid shapes for the skirt. IT WAS MURDER!! also it killed my wrist cutting everything because my fabric scissors were crap, trust me, it's soooo worth it investing in a good pair of fabric shears

19th September 2013

Nobody told me that cosplay would involve maths

I needed a certain number of panels on my skirt, and I needed it to fit my waist at the top and poof out at the edges on the bottom... so I had to do A LOT of maths.

You can see the results of my Xenoblade poster skirt in the middle, but sadly the skirt didn't have enough flare so I had to adjust my measurements and try a new pattern. Since I didn't have another poster lying around to cut up, I pulled some Paperchase wrapping paper out of the cupboard and made the cutest frickin skirt you'll ever see

Also yes I drew on my legs and stomach to mark out where my corset ended and where my leg armor should come up to LOL

19th September 2013

Resourceful or desperate?

I ran out of paper. I needed to pattern a skirt. I found a Xenoblade poster I had no intention of putting up. Time to get the scissors...

19th September 2013

Corset rivets

Hoooo damn this was nerve-racking. I was really worried that I was going to mess up the placement of an eyelet or punch a hole too big and ruin the entire corset. Luckily everything went to plan after veeeery careful measurements to make sure the spacing was correct. I'm really happy with how it turned out :D

Note - the gold trim wasn't fixed down on the inside yet which is why it looks a bit wobbly on the top edge in the photos.

19th September 2013

Frills Part 2

Finally settled for the "accurate but ugly" frills :P We were being judged on accuracy after all, not what I think is cuter LOL

I also attached the gold vinyl trim at this point. I sewed it down at the front, and had to attach it by hand in the back to prevent any seams coming through.

I think I got lazy and hot glued it to the inside in the end, but really I should have hand sewed it down LOL (shhh don't tell the judges... not that it matters anymore hahaha)

19th September 2013

Frills Part 1

Ugh these should have been simple but they just gave me a headache. In every reference of Gwendolyn, the number of frills she has changes, and the style in which they're drawn changes too. I compared loads of references to try to decide how many to have down the front and how to do them. Did I want lots of tiny frills or approximately 8-10 distinct frills? Did I want them pinched in at the middle which looks cuter or did I want them flat and boxy looking which matches the reference more? These were just test runs.

19th September 2013

Sewing Leather

Sewing the leather on my corset was tricky. The rough teeth that grab your fabric to help pull it through the sewing machine kept munching the soft leather so I was trying to find a way to sew it without damaging the surface. I tried sewing through tissue paper but this left me an endless job of tearing away the paper afterwards (which got stuck underneath every little loop of thread). Then I tried putting some electrical tape on my sewing machine to cover the teeth and that solved the problem! :D

19th September 2013

Cutting Leather

This was tricky, since I had a few leather hides but they all had slightly different grains or tones of white to them, which would be really obvious on a corset like this. After patterning the corset I had to find a piece of leather that was big enough to fit all the pieces on that didn't have any damage on the front side that would show on the piece. Luckily I found one piece that would work :D

20th August 2012

Corset Lining

This was my first time ever making a corset so I was absolutely meticulous about getting everything looking perfect. It's a shame that nobody ever sees the inside of this corset because I'm really proud of how damn tidy it is, hehe.

Btw, my friend Tofu taught me how to pattern draft corsets and explained to me the concept behind how they work and how to sew them together. I'm so thankful for her teaching me because every corset tutorial I've looked at before has done nothing but baffle me!

20th August 2012


Base made from craft foam. Heated up some gold PVC vinyl with a hair dryer to make it more malleable and then pressed it into the craft foam with some hot glue underneath to get it to stick. Rubbed in the corners with the flat edge of the ruler to avoid finger prints. The choker is attached at the back with two hook and eye clasps.