Loki (Unused Concept Art) - Thor: Tales of Asgard

Status :Complete
Worn At :Manchester MCM Expo 2012


Coffee of the Gods

Loki vs Miss America

Hair/Makeup Quick test

This is all I have to go on!



I adore Loki but am far too small to do the movie version, I'm leaving that to the OH when he's got the money. Wanted to do kid Loki but couldn't find a design I really liked...then I found the concept art for Tales of Asgard; perfect. Right age range for me to play, but I hated the brown hair and dorky yellow cape, so I'm doing a sort of realistic translation of the concept art that wasn't used in the end.
It's looking good so far thanks to some help from my talented friends, can't wait to wear it for Expo!


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