Spirit of Water
Eranthe/Original Design

Cosplayer: Chibi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

2nd August 2012: Top progress Argh! Even with the Klan Klan dress this top has been a logistical nightmare >___<

But here's the back of the top layer (sans collar), too headachey to do any more for now but most of the rest is all pinned up for tomor-... later today

31st July 2012: A stroke of luck So it turns out that my Klan Klan dress is almost the perfect mock up for the ballgown top layer :D can use it as a pattern which will make my life a lot easier, just need to make this one more floaty and with a chinese style collar~

30th July 2012: New Reference Decided the bust line wouldn't suit me very well and would be quite impractical with the fabric I'm using so I opted to change the top a little.

This is my sketch of the changes I'll be making, mainly the white layer~

30th July 2012: Wig change As much as I love the Coscraft wig I got for this, once both the wig and fabric arrived there was more purple than blue in it for it to match D:

Being a derp and forgetting that I already had a blue wig for Klan Klan (Macross Frontier) I think I'll be wearing that instead~

(Excuse derp face, lack of makeup, messy Klan Klan style and the fact I have the eartips on)

30th July 2012: Base skirt So here's the base skirt (also my cute ball shoes), just needs a waistband but I'm going to wait until I have the other layers sorted first and then band them all together~

20th July 2012: Fabric drape test My fabric FINALLY arrived! >_< postage was ridiculous... I'm just testing out shapes and colours by draping over my mannequin~


9th July 2012: Ear bend Please ignore my horrible skin for now, this is just to show of the ear bend I finished making :D

I'm really happy with it! I think I'm going to style my wig in a nice side sweep as well so it's more visible~

I'm happy to make these for other people in different colours and such, please DM me if you're interested in commissioning me for one!

9th July 2012: Petticoat test Just testing what it'd look like with a layer of the fabric I'm using over the top, pity the actual hoop skirt is quite short (even on me!) so I'll have to think of a way to make it not show too much...

8th July 2012: Woop woop, I has a hoop~ Petticoat/hoop skirt arrived :D

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 12th July 2012
This design looks really lovely and the wig is so pretty! I look forward to seeing the finished costume :)

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 3rd August 2012
Ooh this is a kinda (not really) similar idea to my miku rainbow dress for the ball, would love to have piccies with you if I see you, I love how the dress is turning out so far!

puzzledpenguin avatar

puzzledpenguin - 23rd August 2012
The dress look lovely. Its a great bold design but you still manage to look very elegant in it. Great work!