Maria Kawai (Catholic Uniform) - Akuma to Love Song




Just a quick costume I am putting together for Anime Attacks. I had a bit of trouble working out how I would make this but I am altering 2 patterns to get the top of the dress right.


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Progress Journal

12th July 2012


Finally done and in record time fo rme :D 5 days !! Did the skirt part and the little belt pieces today . Slotted the belt through and ta da! I know it wasnt a complex costume but I still can only work at my nanas where all my stuff is kept lol

Just need to find a cross as I don't have time to look for a wig my own hair will do. Will try and get pics at Anime Attacks!

10th July 2012

Collar and Sleeves

Wow this has got to be the quickest costume I have made ever (still not finished but nearly done!) Completed the collar and the sleeves today :3 only got the skirt to make and the press studs on the front to do

9th July 2012

Sewing Sewing

Well started sewing today, made a little bit of progress. I finished the front part of the dress which included the gathering. I did have to take the whole thing in at the sides as it was too big though ^^;. I started to do the collar but cut that out too small and had to redo it gahhh!

I also bought a belt today that was plain black as i didnt have one ha!

8th July 2012

Getting fabric

Today I went out to get the fabric, there wasnt much i couldnt find that was thick enough to pass as a thickish school dress. I decided to go with something that has a better colour match over the fabric as I dont have long to make this. I love the tones in this fabric is perfect as the refs show a two toned colour for the uniform. I also started cutting out the fabric will the pattern i made. I also bought thread and ribbon.

7th July 2012

Making a fabric pattern

So I couldn't find a pattern at all to slighty alter(well they were ones online but i didnt want to to leave the actually making of the costume til 2 days before). Therefore I altered 2 patterns i already had (a top and coat pattern). This took me a full day to work out and I used some scrap blue fabric to make it out of. The prototype is slightly big but thats nothing.