Kasumi Goto (Loyal) - Mass Effect




I love Kasumi! She's the most sweet and genuine character out of mass effect. I'm doing the red costume that unlocks when she's loyal - if I have time I'll attempt an omni-tool and pistol... we shall see!


Ranma1-2 posted on 7 July, 2012 - 20:41
Looks like a really nice costume. Full body suit takes a lot or work, have you made a start yet?

TheKinkyBeast posted on 7 July, 2012 - 21:49
Just starting it now. It'll be a tight deadline - but I'll be getting help from my partner and a friend. :) I'll keep an eye out for you at expo!

Ranma1-2 posted on 9 July, 2012 - 00:24
Ok good luck with the cos. Are you entering masquerade?