Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cosplayer: Chibi

Variant: Fire Nation

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

23rd August 2012: Skirt I was rather proud of my skirt, so I'm taking it off the photo page and shifting it here instead :3

20th July 2012: Trying it on... Since Monkey asked so nicely here's a photo of me trying on Suki.
Please try to ignore my horrible tummy, I'm trying to lose it before Amecon by doing ALL THE SWIMMING... :<

17th July 2012: Top As simple as the design of the top actually is, it caused me no end of trouble D:<

Also please ignore fatty tummy bits, attempting to lost them by Ame!

17th July 2012: Gloves Was dreading these because of the awkward shape around the wrist but actually really pleased with them~

17th July 2012: Armbands What it says on the tin~

16th July 2012: Cabochon gems My cabochons for the collar arrived~ They're glass and feel so nice :3

Showing off my colour method test and what they look like on the collar, pretty happy with them~

12th July 2012: Wig stuffs Tried on the wig so I could get the hair pulled back properly, really pleased with how it looks right now :3 just need to add the topknot part and then I can cut it all

I must admit though, I'll be kind of sad to cut this one, it's so pretty :<

12th July 2012: New belt I decided to just say "sod it" and use all the fabric I bought, even though it'll be a big mish-mash of colours...

So yeah, I made a new belt and put the gold bits on it~

10th July 2012: So I finally started... Not too shabby for a few hours work :3 (although I assure you the colours look SO much nicer in real life, silly camera!)

I got the belt buckle in town but it was silver so I gave it a going over with some of my gold enamel paint and some matte varnish. I've mocked up the hair decoration too~

The trousers are all done~ They are elasticated as I really couldn't be arsed to do all that gathering nonsense and put in a proper waistband. I made little bows for the knee bits too like the way she has them tied, should at least give a little bit of an illusion (maybe?) :P

the skirt is a bit too long when I'm actually wearing the trousers so I need to shorten them and bit and take an inch or two off the width. Then I can start on the edging.

Belt just needs gold bias.

Collar just needs gold bias and some fasteners.

9th July 2012: Dying woes The first batch of dyed fabric... PITY THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME COLOUR! ;A;

7th July 2012: Base wig I actually bought this wig for my Medli cosplay many Minamis ago and it never arrived in time, it's been literally sitting in my wig box since then :O it's really long but if I cut it it's actually perfect for Suki! This was just me testing if I could actually attempt the topknot~

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 17th July 2012
Ah I love Suki. This looks really good so far :D

KuroStylr avatar

KuroStylr - 23rd August 2012
You're no moon! You're a fan-bender XD

Ino avatar

Ino - 3rd September 2012
This worked out fantastically well! I love the look of the fabric you used, it all looks spot on! :D :D