Rin Kagamine (Fear Garden) - Vocaloid




This costume took me 2 days to make so it was pretty easy.
To make her white dress, I found a white skirt and long sleeved t-shirt and sewed them together. I then bought several meters of different width yellow ribbon, and spent several hours sewing it on. I used felt for the black parts on the sleeves because I'm a little silly, I'll be replacing them when I get the material.
On the second day I went out and got some black material for the black shoulder-bit-thing. It took me several hours to make it as I kept sewing it the wrong way round. I then went out and got some more ribbon as I had run out. I sewed it around near the edges of the shoulder piece and it looked awesome~
For the wig, I used the same Rin one I used for Secret Black Vow, but restyled it and make four white clips out of hair slides and felt. I also bought a black headband and glued a black bow onto it.

This was origionally for the Vocaloid meet in August, but I've been dragged into being dormouse!Rin for my friend's Vocaloid Wonderland group xD I used it instead for the DeviantART meet and will be using it for the LFCC Saturday ^^


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