Selphie - Final Fantasy VIII




Okay, I hate the colour yellow, and I hate Selphie.

Soo.....why did I end up making this? Okay, a year previous my friend wore an Irvine costume which *really* suited him, I demanded that he wear it again, and he agreed on the condition that I cosplayed Selphie. I laughed it off and agreed, because the thought of me in a little yellow sundress is enough to make any of my friends laugh. Come the next year, a few months before Minami he reminded me of the deal...well I thought it would be funny :P

I used my own hair, which my friend Heather spent ages trying to curl for me (I have hair woes and cant style anything to save my life!) and borrowed a pair of boots off a friend. The only thing I had to do was make her dress and ribbon. I used denim material for the dress, and dyed it yellow. It wasn't as bright as I wanted it to be but I think the fabric choice made the dress more study.

Okay, so it wasn't completely accurate but it was actually fun making it, and running around like a little ray of sunshine. God knows how you are supposed to sit in a dress that short though!


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