Tamiko (Thief) - Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

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Amecon 2012




So my friend Kurio-Ryu invited me to be part of a disgaea group at amecon, since i have a thief cosplay. So i tried it on and...lets say its all being remade. And all red this time, not the brown shorts and shoes from last time.

SO everything is being remade, new goggles have been ordered. Though i am using prinny bags instead of a blue satchel type thing, for artistic reasons. I lie, I cant make the bays, and i have prinny bags so might as well use those.

I love this character and it was a really fun cosplay to do last time, so it will be again (even if i'm a little more podgy now, sad face)

And even bigger sad face, my PS3 is broken so I cant play this game :(


Plasticsharkattack posted on 4 July, 2012 - 08:56
Oh wow this will be awesome!! what are the details on the disgaea group? (: because I'm going to be doing Emizel and would love to join (: I can't wait to see this finished - hopefully in person!

p-chan posted on 4 July, 2012 - 16:56
Thanks plastic_anime! and to be honest, I dont know the details apart form its on a Sunday of amecon! It would be awesome to see other disgaea cosplayers :)

Progress Journal

5th July 2012


So I finished my goggles and shoes so everything was going well, I cut the material for teh jacket and hat...and then I made the mistake of trying to use teh sewing machine myself (I get my mum to sew for me lol)
fucking sewing machines, I cannot use them D:

and then i ran out of thread, and the jacket looks HORRIBLE.

thismakes me SAD.

3rd July 2012

Long time no cosplay

So, I don't think I used this website at all last year, which is a shame really, Its always nice to look at other peoples cosplays and work in processes. Hopefully going to use teh site more often again.

Okay so onto this remake of my thief cosplay from Disgaea 2/3. And probably would have been 4 too, but alas, mister PS3 is broken and I cant play the games :(

To be part of the Disgaea group at amecon 2012 after an invite from mike, cosplaying mid-boss ^^