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Ciel Phantomhive: Volume 6 Cover Art

This was a cosplay that I was just dying for an excuse to do. December 2009 at the monthly ball jointed doll meet, one of the other owners approached me, sized me up to her, and said: . . . "How would you like to do a cosplay with me?" There it was. My grand excuse.

Next thing I know...

Im getting bundles of fabric for Christmas (my uncle helps fund me through this expensive hobby) and I began to hunt down the version of Ciel I wanted to do. I LOVE Victorian Era and Elizabethian Era fashion, and I just could not pass this cosplay up. Granted, it wasn't a female cosplay or an elaborate dress, but I didn't care. This was my chance to go all out on something new and in particular a style I love to do.

Why this version? The cover to volume 6 was the first image of Ciel I had ever seen, and I immediately knew two things. I LOVED the outfit. And I LOVED the aristocratic and arrogant nature of the boy. I didn't know anything about Kuroshitsuji then, not until I started doing research on the series and the costume. (Of course, I was dumb and didn't know about the Kuroshitsuji musical until AFTER I had the majority of the costume finished. =_=). . .

I didn't have any REAL source to look at to get a full view of the costume, which absolutely FRUSTRATED me. >.< There was only ONE pic drawn by the artist herself, and that was it. I needed to see the back of the outfit, and what it looked like. So I looked towards other cosplays as inspiration. I like long, flowy things.... I wondered if I wanted to use a bustle for the train, making it 'poof' in the back since I like 'poofy' things. I decided to not make the bustle, and instead Im going to opt for a lining around the edges of the train. (perhaps some small tassels or fringe of beads). Then I discovered the Kuroshitsuji musical! But sadly. XD Train was already done. *pastes the FAIL sticker on forehead* But Ive recently decided (after the debut) to do a second layer of train to add prettiness! : D Hopefully I will have that done by the end of April for ASTL.

I went to my local fabric store to check out different fabrics I wanted to use, and I found one I liked, but it was way too expensive ($23 a yard D:), so instead I used just standard polished cotton. The white shirt is synthetic satin. Does not breathe easy. >.<

I ended up getting a hand held Singer for Christmas, and I was so happy!!

I worked on this in layers, working on a piece of the outfit, an item, a piece of the outfit, and item, etc. First the shorts and train, then I did the brooch, bough supplies for the cane, and then worked on the shirt. The jacket gave me grief. It was roughly around 3AM when I began working on it, and as I was cutting the pieces, I accidentally snipped the fabric I needed in the wrong places!! *cry* So I had to redo it. *sigh* The cuffs were fun, and the sewing and drama instructor here on campus showed me how to pad a lining on it, so it has a nice silver lining on the cuff! (*kisses hand held Singer for easy sewing).

Buttons, buttons, and more buttons. =_= Found what I needed easily at Walmart, but when I took all they had and still didn't have enough, I had to order from them online. lol

The brooch was fun. And may bring up some questions. The original artwork has three black roses. Well. Walmart didn't have three black roses. XD Why not make something on it a bit more original? I decided to go with a pretty dark purple. =^.^= Two purple roses and two black roses with pearl beads and chains to adorn it. Im going to substitute the pearl beads with real pearls after I find my pearl necklace. D:

I ordered the top hat itself online, since I lack the skills to make a top hat. I know my limitations. However, I had extraordinary fun with the decorations!!! I made this swirly thing using green floral wire and quilt binding, a veil with tulle and lace fabric, and I was able to make the details on the hat as similar to the actual image as possible, even with the additions. Black roses on a medium sized ribbon black bow made from a sheer (solid stripped) wire ribbon of 1.5 inch thickness. Its actually 5 pieces (bow, the dangles on the bow, and the tall ribbons sticking up). I attached everything to the hat using hot glue, since needle and threading the flowers was an epic fail! D:

Shoes were custom ordered from cosplay site, blue and purple contacts ordered as well. Socks, nail polish, eye patch and earrings from Walmart (gosh, you gotta love Walmart. XDDD lol). Gloves from Trading Company. Riding crop, rings and wigs (a silver and blue) from online. I ended up buying several eye patches since one was a fail, one wouldn't arrive on time, and I forgot Walmart sold them. xD

wigs: $80
contacts: $123 (including purple and blue and their shipping)
fabric: Around $125 (including fabric, thread, needles, batteries for the Singer, buttons)
shoes: $95
hat: $73 (including hat, wire ribbon, flowers, quilt bindings, floral wire, tulle, lace fabric)
brooch: $24 (including chains, flowers, beads, and pins)
other things: Around $50 (everything that could not be listed above to complete this cosplay)

Total: . . . A lot. . .

Haven't competed with it yet.


Ranmaru cosplays posted on 4 November, 2014 - 11:12
this look great XD you my a good ciel