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Amecon 2012


Eeeeep more Homestucks but it's pretty fanarts.

I loved these Miltarystuck designs a while ago but never considered it for cosplay before. Things changed. I'm unsure if I'll get it done on time but I'm trying to aim for Amecon 2012. We'll see I have a month and bit.

I have some accessories I can put to use so far so I'll see how far I get!

Art by http://mookie000.tumblr.com/

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Magnetic piercing cone studs
eye patch
Skull Badge -Hat

Total cost: £0.00

3rd August 2012

oh yeah minor thing missing;;;

skull badge is finally added.

15th July 2012

Militarystuck trial

I'm still waiting on the skull badge to dry & attach both that plus the horns to the hat >_< I did however cut up the shirt, add the gold trim to the collar & hat today! and still can't handle my gremlin dentures xD;

8th July 2012

That coat

That coat is done and dusted. Although I'm tempted to take it in a little more on one side but other than the small details of buttons, gold trim & gaffer tape. This thing is done.

7th July 2012

Actual progress

I've finally made a start & only have the top half of the coat done. Which is better than nothing I guess? Unfortatnyl I get to use my lovely skills of winging this patterns base to fit the design of Karkat's coats tail curve

4th July 2012

Boot base.

Boots have arrived. I'm contemplating if I'll slit the front open and add the extra black flap parts yet or not. Also the fabric arrived today so I'm hoping to have my coat bast at least started this weekend (maybe finished?)

30th June 2012

The gathering starts.

So I've bought the following plus perfect boots (not pictured) FLOCK TAFFETA DAMASK FABRIC in Black & Silver/Black. Magnetic Tragus Cone studs Skull Buttons. I've also started making the Skull Badge for the hat last night out of fimo~

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