Utena (School uniform) - Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku




Amy-Lou and I watched the movie - she was all like "I want that dress", I was all like "I want that suit". Cosplay decided.

First attempt at anything completely made from scratch, and I had to get my mum to show me how the hell to use patterns. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her help, as all I had made previously was items of cosplay that didn't need to be made properly.

After weeks of deliberating, the lines dividing the black and white sections still came out wrong, so there's more white than black, and its not lined, but I was really pleased with it. From the outside it almost looks like a proper suit jacket :D
The hat was last minute, a joke shop sailor hat that I replace the top part of and added cardboard to keep its shape. I was put off wigs from my first costume (that I still cant find photos of XD) so I attempted to spray dye my hair pink...needless to say it didn't work.


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