Asami Sato - Avatar: Legend of Korra





At first I thought she was a bit meh, but then episode 7 onwards: TOTAL BAMF.

I want to cosplay Korra too as she was a total BAMF from episode 1. But need to get some muscle first, at least Asami is fully clothed lololol.

I'm going to be a bit fail as she's just too pretty and beautiful, but I don't even care, gurl is awesomeeeee.

I'm at that failed skintone where I'm too tanned to be Asami but not tanned enough to be Korra .____. I'm like... Mako's skintone... I SHOULD JUST COSPLAY MAKO TROLOLOLOL.

I'll upload a reference picture when I can get a decent reference or just go back and rewatch to go screencapping crazy. Which seems like the most fun option to do!


Moonchild posted on 28 June, 2012 - 12:49
Can't wait to see this lovely! I really want to cosplay Korra but...yeah lol

NatalieNoodles posted on 28 June, 2012 - 18:58
You will look so pretty as Asami! I thought she was meh to begin with too, but she's pretty cool now :) I wanna cosplay from the series too but hmmff haha Good luck with making this!

Freyarule posted on 28 June, 2012 - 19:38
I know who to cosplay from Last Airbender but no me from Korra really jumps out at me D:

KiraraYumi posted on 16 August, 2012 - 15:06
Asami! You'll look so perfect as her! ;u; Seriously looking forward to when you do this~!

NixieThePixie posted on 3 September, 2012 - 01:10
Ah, you'll make a good Asami! I want to cosplay Lin Beifong :3

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