Hitomi (Standard) - Dead Or Alive 5


Hitomi is my fav DOA girl so I will be cosplaying her again as the DOA5 version for the Saturday night party at Amecon 2012 ;)

I also cosplayed as her on Friday at MCM London Expo October 2012. Best part was getting a picture with the amazing Chin!

LightChaser posted on 10 September, 2012 - 21:28
Wow I just tested my Hitomi costume out Alcon 2012. I need a new wig though. Your costume looks amazing so far! It would be great to see yours complete.=D

Raye-chan posted on 11 September, 2012 - 17:21
Yeah!! Hitomi love! :D I just love her so much, I wore the outfit to the party so as it was nightime not many pictures to be seen. I may wear her again for my cosplay meet this weekend if its going to be hot, so hopefuly will get some piccies then :3

11th July 2013

Cosplay picnic time!!

I miss my Hitomi cosplay so I'm tempted to wear this at this coming weekends cosplay picnic for our group AniMedia East! :) it's gana be hoooooot!

4th August 2012


I got the white top and finished painting the detail around the edges today. Also finished cutting the wig down! It new jeans too! So I have everything sorted now :) roll on Amecon!!!

23rd July 2012

Wiggy wig

Wig arrived and just needs trimming!

13th July 2012

Hitomi 50% ready

Got my belt and trainers now, just the top and jeans to go!!!

5th July 2012

Fighting gloves

My gloves arrived today, they are just perfect!!!

5th July 2012


Ordered my shoes for Hitomi, they just need editing slightly ;)

3rd July 2012

Bits arrive

My alice band arrived today its the perfect pink and width ^_^

29th June 2012

Wig on way

Did some aerobics tonight continuing my keep fit for Hitomi! The wig was despatched today! Can't wait til it comes, hope to order the gloves soon ^_^

28th June 2012

Fighting fit...

Im planning to lose more weight so I can have this done for the Saturday night part at Amecon. I have bought the wig and found the gloves and alice band. So just the top, jeans, belt and shoes to go ^_^

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