ebisu - shippuuden




Ebisu (エビス) specializes in the private training of elite ninja, as stated by Kakashi Hatake. The name "Ebisu" comes from the Japanese god Ebisu, who is usually pictured as a fisherman that brings wealth and prosperity to believers, and watches over the health of young children.

Ebisu is portrayed as a stern and by-the-book type of person. Initially, he believes that only people of high lineage can amount to anything, but upon seeing what Naruto has done for the village his perspective changed drastically. While rather uptight, he has shown a true dedication to his village and students.

Also, although he tries to be very professional, he has displayed some perverted traits, as shown from how he reacts to Naruto sexual-oriented tactics. He has been described by Naruto as a "closet-pervert".


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