Noctis Lucis Caelum - Final Fantasy Versus XIII





Im getting the fabric tomorrow yay! I cant wait to start this cosplay. Also, hopefully this will all be ready for either London MCM Expo May 09 or Bristol Comics Expo May 09, whichever i can go to (i wont know until nearer the time - bugger).

Got some fabric yesterday! Whoo! XD Cut the pieces out and started sewing, now ive almost finished the main body part on teh top and just need to add the zip, collar and sleeves.

I started work on this again (ive had it on hiatus so i could work on Souseiseki)and how now finished the main body and added one of the sleeves, the other sleeve, collar and teh zip will be added tomorrow (hopefully... most of it should be done anyway). My mum bought me a nice long zip today so im very happy ^^. Also, this will be won on April 11th (09) at a meetup, with Blobfish as Stella XDXD I cant wait!...

Finished the sleeves and startd work on the collar, it just needs to be attached to teh main body and then the zip can be sewn on (and eyelets at teh front of the collar). XDXD

Mothers day! Whoo! XD haha ^^
Attached the collar, i love it, it sticks up and is uberful! XD The zip has also been attached, but i may redo it as it doesnt look quite right!

All sewing is complete! I reattached teh zip and it looks sooo much better now XD The boxes on his belt were a pain in the ass but they dont look too bad <.<;
Tonight i will practice spiking my hair for it and tomorrow he will be worn for a meet-up with a load of friends, with Blobfish as Stella XD
Im changing its status to complete now because i cant do anything about the stuff im missing, my mum wont let me buy boots for it <.<; And i dont know where to get leather gloves T-T Ahwells.
Oh, but Aaron Morby (Zerocool..... <.<; lots of numbers) is making me the sword in the 3rd reference pic which will be awesome XD


Ikkaku-kun posted on 20 December, 2008 - 20:24
Sweet :) never seen youe #3 ref pic before.. his sword is so cool :) lookin forwrd to it ^^

nanahara posted on 11 April, 2009 - 20:08
nicely done

CrystalNeko posted on 11 April, 2009 - 22:49
Haha! You were epic as Noctus! 8D [Loving the crack shots ;P]

shigures high school girl posted on 18 April, 2009 - 22:41
Lol you were awesome XD love the photos XD

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