Knuckles the Echidna (Human version) - Sonic the Hedgehog


1st place Forbidden Planet manga night cosplay competition




Originally, this was going to be a cosplay for Gemucon 2013. However, I managed to get it done for the Regional Social my anime society puts on every year, so I wore it then. I had the intention of wearing it to Gemu as well at this point. I also went to Forbidden Planet manga night dressed as him (and won 1st place in the cosplay competition).

...Then I saw the photos.

It's not great. I may improve it in the future, but I don't know if I'll be wearing him again any time soon.


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Progress Journal

26th September 2012

Gathering components

I have a long sleeve red top. That will have a white crescent moon put on it in the near future. I'm also bidding on red jeans on ebay that I will hopefully get. I have a red belt which I will attach a tail to, which I already have the fleece to make, just need to do it. Also, I've decided to make the gloves myself, seeing as I'm quite broke, and that way I can make them to my size and comfort. Also, shoe covers is what I'm planning seeing as I can't find the shoes anywhere...

24th June 2012


I think I found THE perfect wig for this. AND, it's only a tenner. It has a fringe that dips down like his eyebrows and everything! Me thinks I will be getting that soon :D