Amaterasu (Human Form) - Okami




The costume is based Ameratasu's human form from the game Okami. I've so far drawn the costume from my imagination to be somewhat like a Japanese kimono but with a little bit of mine and the games actual style.

So far the design's main colour is going to be white with some red patterns around it, meanwhile the red obi will contain sakura tree petals made from pink fabric whilst the twisted branches are going to be made from white rope. Around the sleeve hems there will be a black Chinese pattern which symbolises the death of living things which antagonises Ameratasu's purpose as she gives life to living things. A bow might be made around the back of the costume whilst underneath white trousers will be used.

A white wig will be ordered and styled into how I would like it to be using maybe a glue gun/hairspray. Dog-like ears have been made out of frames of paper mache before being stuck onto a hair band and white cotton from a school shirt fixed over them and moulded/sown into place. The actual band show be hidden inside the wig.

So far I think the hardest part if going to be the kimono, I'm not that advanced on sewing and I dont have any patterns to use. At the minute I'm guessing the obi may be the easiest part as that has been planned out already and materials have been set aside for it.

Reasons why I chose this was because you hardly see any Okami cosplayers and if so they're usually as a wolf furry which is amazing! So because I'm new to the textile world I want to try and make something during my 6 weeks break before I start studying again.


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Progress Journal

19th October 2012

Nealy MCMExpo!

Hi Peeps!
Yip with eight days let till the expo I've finally finished my cosplay! :D Actually I brougt the wig and I've finished the obi today! So yesh I'm going with my college to this which will be my first con, also I cant wait to meet you guys down there-Sophie I'm kidnapping you! MUWAHAHAHA!!!

Ok peeps dont forget to come and say hello- have a glomp! :)

12th August 2012


I've finished my Okami ears but I'm debating on whether or not I should paint the tips black or add some red markings =^^= I haven't started on the kimono just yet, however I've taken measurements for the obi which I've started and the sleeves =^o^= I just need some more white fabric peeps!

23rd June 2012

Ear Head-Band

So far I've started my costume with my dog eared headband =^^= It's coming on ok except I need to fix one of the ear fabrics before I can bind the rest of the head-band together. Unfortunately I have to wait until my last exam is over before I can really get to work on it :(