Soi Fon - bleach anime




I choose to do this character because she's one of my faves from the anime, plus i love the design of their outfits, as well as the added colour of the sash~
Plus her hair is damn awesome, but a bloody bugger to move about with, as the tassels jiggle all over the shop.

Now i actually brought the cosplay, then added a yellow scarf and the bokken to it. Now i know the Bokken isn't exactly like her's, though i have yet to make, or buy one that looks like the one she uses.

What i learnt from this cosplay is that it get's pretty warm so it used mainly as a winter cosplay. Also the trousers are so long that i have to lift them up when going up stairs else i step on the fabric and go flying. Not so cool.

Though the cosplay is pretty comfy, and fits well and can move easily in it, apart from the trouser thing!

raven4000 posted on 7 September, 2013 - 15:21
you make a perfect Soi Fon