Captain America (Fem! Captain America) - Captain America : The First Avenger





Captain America has always been one of my all time favourite Marvel characters. First time I was introduced to him was via the 1980's Spiderman cartoon and his battle with the Red Skull. And I think I was about 8-9, man I loved him straight off the bat. Not really sure why, theres just something about him and the idea behind him that just really draws me towards him. And now matter what my friends say, it isn't because there are Nazi's involved :D(Is a history fanatic)

Then the film was annouced, and I think my mind imploded on itself a little bit. And the Avenger was annouced after that, and well... lets not go there. Considering The Avengers is my favourite group. ^¬^;

I've had the want to cosplay Captain America dfor a while now, and it was only recently that I actually thought of doing a female version, as I lack the serious muscules that he's packing XD

I based the design on the lastest film, as I though the design was brilliant, plus it wasn't made of skin tight lycra *grins* The two costumes are pretty much identical except made for the female figure, and the helmet, which was taken from the dancing girls :D


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