Shu - Shaman king

In Progress

Q-Con XIX (2012)




Last minute costume is very last minute ^^; Like 'lets make a cheongsam by hand in two days' last minute. Being a bit lacking in non-original cosplays for Q-Con, I admit hunting through a list of Jiang Shi characters and picking one...and latched onto the two manga-only characters of Kyo and Shu from Shaman King. I've seen a little of the anime, so it is not just randomly picking characters out of thin air, and I will certainly consider picking up some of the manga to read now :3

I already had enough fabric remaining from a previous costume to work on the cheongsam he wears, and a pair of suitable shoes in my possession, the money so far has been on a pink wig for him, which I will get a better one of when I have more time.

Did give me an opportunity to work on my lining skills though, lets see how this turns out


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