Moogle - Final Fantasy 1




I'm planning to make a moogle cosplay.

I've re-planned what I materials and items I need in order to make this and it is much more cost effective than my original idea. The cost for this will now be less than £40 like I first anticipated.

Items/Materials need:

(COMPLETE/£22.50)Cream Onesie,
(NO LONGER REQUIRED) Cat ears Headband,
Cream Fluffy Gloves,
(COMPLETE/£7.00)Cream Boots,
Red Ball/Bauble,
Spring headband,
Purple Pillow Cases,

As it's my first time, I'm only doing a simple onesie moogle by creating the antennae and wings and also attaching them to the onesie. It probably sounds boring but I only did textiles in year 7 and 8 so I can't remember many skills from it. So the hardest part of making this will be sewing correctly.

I'd love to go to the next convention as a Moogle with a free hugs sign <3

I'd be wearing this at the AM'FE
so my deadline is 8th December


xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 26 August, 2012 - 21:05
soap sill theres a shopping list feature you could use - and journals :) and i think the polystyrine balls i have are a bit too big to give you one LOL. check with me about purple materiaal when u want it btw - i might have some spare from juliet :) very moogly ;)

SoapyLouLanie posted on 26 August, 2012 - 23:12
I didn't notice them until after you put that, hehe thanks Laulau :D Aww, are you sure? I don't want to be a bother or anything but then again, it gives me an excuse to come visit you :D Woop!

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 27 August, 2012 - 02:17
haha you need to come visit me a.s.a.p! ... if you didn't have school i'd get you to come work in the cosplay cafe with me for Alcon - get your ticket refunded - so get to go Alcon for free so long as all the hours are done lol! Damn that school stuff! and haha if i have the spare material -I'm not positive if i'll have it till juliet's done in the week .

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Progress Journal

4th September 2012


So far, I'm happy :D
I have my onesie and my boots.
I got to edit the boots a little but they match my onesie perfectly otherwise.

I've still got to make wings and other accessories yet
as well as buying some cream gloves.

I would try and make the gloves and onesie and stuff but I'm afraid that my textiles lessons have been forgotten for a long time,
and as I'm new to this, buying and editing stuff seemed like an easier process to start me off.

'It so fluffy, I'm gonna die!'
I've als got to make a free hugs sign ;)

I'll post another picture up when I have the gloves.