Liara T'Soni (Alternative coloured costume (red/black)) - Mass Effect 3


This the the alternative colour costume which came with the Collector's edition. I love red and black so i adore this on Liara as it gives her a tougher edge.

Lots of people have said she is wearing Samara's headpieces, but in fact they are different. I like to think Liara wears them as they are a decoration Ancient Asari warriors (Huntresses) wore ..hence why Samara as a Justicar wears them and Liara being an archeologist might feel a connection to them

Costume made from 4 way stretch black pvc, 4 way stretch red matt pvc, grey 2 way stretch matt pvc, black neoprin (the fake neoprene), heavy jumbo black matt jersey, silver spandex for the piping, there is also wonderflex in the bust cups to give their shape.

This is built differently to my white/blue version. I've gone with how it looks in game which is more like a catsuit with a skirt. All the armour bar the bracers/calf armour is built as a one piece with the rest of the catsuit.

Headpieces are 6mm eva white foam foam, cut to shape and coated and rub n buffed with silver

Numta posted on 18 June, 2012 - 20:31
love the red and black can't wait to see this!

D2SCosplay posted on 28 June, 2012 - 18:56
Can't wait to see this! Hopefully have my Tali done by then too =)

Manticore Arts posted on 7 November, 2012 - 17:09
Prempetive GLOMP! This looked amazing! Seriously! One of the best Liara's I've EVER SEEN!

Ragepotato posted on 24 March, 2013 - 04:23
Utterly amazing. Proud to have seen it in person :D

Metamorphica Cosplay posted on 24 March, 2013 - 05:06
Awe thanks hun!! <3

nanahara posted on 24 March, 2013 - 17:17
this is such an amazing cosplay XD

19th September 2013

progress 8 - contact lenses

these are the contacts i got for Liara which shows how they compare to her own eyes. They are Dolly Eye lenses in blue

19th August 2012

progress 7

The finished costume. I added the belts and straps made from thick rubberised vinyl.The'buckles'are made from 6mm foam. They are all simply decorative and bear no stress.

12th August 2012

progress 7

these are the upper arm armour. These will be glued to the upper arms of the costume with contact glue. They are made from 6mm eva foam and thin fun foam.the studs are made by popping out discs with a hole punch

11th August 2012

progress 6

back of costume showing silver lycra piping on the 4 way stretch pvc.the lycra stretches with the pvc. A hidden zip sits down the center back.

8th August 2012

progress 5

Bust armour is made from heat moulded Wonderflex with various pvcs glued on top.a strip of grey matt pvc is glued and sewn under the wonderflex to simulate the part of the costume that is under the armour. such a find the carbon fibre pvc. This is why my version of the costume is true red as i wanted the reds to match. the black part of the costume is sewn through the wonderflex using a leather needle and pliers lol

2nd August 2012

progress 4

I glued some 4 way stretch matt red pvc to non stretch red pvc so as to create some raised profile in the panels. Then i glued those panels to the silver ( i sewd some of the silver down in places it would be hidden by the red on top. I used contact glue for this The leg straps are then glued and sewn under the silver panels.

29th July 2012

progress 3

Same technique as described with front armour. This is just to show i did the accurate back of the armour with the butt plate included Next will be gluing on the red panels to the armour.

27th July 2012

progress 2

the white here is thick pleather sewn onto the legs, then i glued carefully a layer of thin silver pvc onto the white. This made a smooth flat surface and raised appearance of thigh armour.

24th July 2012

progress 1

Work in progress on the catsuit. You can see the lower half of the 'coat' is actually a skirt attached to the catsuit. The upper half is permanently attached to the body with a zip up the back of the costume.

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