Morgana Pendragon (Series Four) - Merlin (BBC)




This costume was wonderful to wear, all floor-sweeping skirt and figure-hugging corset. While exploring Olympia's balcony, I found myself swaggering along, very in-character, and was having too much fun to call myself off...
I compiled this entire costume from high-street buys: The black cobweb dress and shirt were Topshop, the teal underskirt New Look and the corset Next. My wig was brushed out from a previous Bellatrix Lestrange costume with plaited and dreadlocked extensions added, and was surprisingly heavy to wear!
While very few guests at LFCC recognised the character, Anthony Head himself commented on my costume, and I was able to meet and trade costume construction stories with a fellow Series Four Morgana, with her very own Aithusa!
All-in-all, Morgana was a great pleasure to wear for my very first day of my very first convention ever!



* Hair - A mess, to put it bluntly. Black and curly with some dreadlocks, wrapped in dark green cloth. One longer, loose plait, waist-length, over left shoulder.
* Make-up - Pale skin with green eye-shadow, both on and below lids; maybe also liner. Pale lips and natural nails, reasonably short. Don't ask me how she applies pristine make-up on a daily basis and can't find time to brush her hair...
* Corset - Black, sits on the bust, not above, and features some epic cleavage. Laces with leather thong up the back, complete with lots of boning channels and seams. The whole thing is wrapped in suede cord, which appears to fasten on the shoulders, and is strung with five silver flower studs and three petal-like beads.
* Dress - Floor-sweeping and long-sleeved, with a very low neckline, in black crochet spider's web fabric. Nothing's hemmed, which saves me a nice chunk of time, and the whole thing is frayed to within an inch of its life. Skirt is ripped into swags down right leg seam and double layered with a teal fabric, which also peaks out just about corset.
* Footwear - Black leather boots, low heel. Barely seen underneath skirt.
* Accessories - None.


Starbucks dad posted on 6 January, 2013 - 19:22
I can't believe I'd never noticed this before. Superb job and your first live cosplay too. Well done.

CaptainAmelia posted on 6 January, 2013 - 23:08
Thank you! :D

Rift Mage Cosplay posted on 12 January, 2013 - 17:13
This is a really good cosplay! Very inspirational for a new Morgana :S what boots did you end up wearing? And HOW did you get that skirt, it's amazing!

CaptainAmelia posted on 12 January, 2013 - 21:12
Thanks - Glad you like it! My boots were black leather; it took me a while to track down any references, as you can barely see hers under her skirt. I absolutely adore the skirt - It, and the matching long-sleeved top, are actually from TopShop! High-street!Morgana for the win xD By the way, if you need any advice or references or anything - I have literally hundreds of pictures - When you're putting yours together, don't hesitate to give me a shout! Good luck :D

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Progress Journal

13th July 2012

Pitiful attempt at a journal entry...

So I didn't actually update this throughout the whole cosplay-gathering process. I suck so hard. However, this is the regular list of Things I Would Change If I Get the Opportunity To Wear This Costume Again!:

* The wig is one of the biggest issues, I think. I brushed and hair-dried and sprayed it out a lot straighter than it ended up, but forgot to RE-brush it before wearing on Saturday, after it had come straight out of its box, and the curls had sprang back in. However, I did love the dreadlocks and green cloth additions, which made the hair that much more SA.
* Fix suede cord to corset, rather than having to attach it that morning. Seriously, my friends literally had to wind me into the costume. I don't know whether there's some way I could permanently attach the cord and allow the corset to retain its stretch quality? Something to look into.
* Also more cord around the corset. I had a 25metre roll, but it still didn't look like enough!
* Actually find the little silver accents I had bothered saving for this very costume. You know when you tuck something away in a safe place for future use and promptly lose it to another dimensions...?
* Take down neckline of long-sleeved shirt and dress. While I would never be entirely comfortable with flashing the sort of cleavage that Katie McGrath does, I could have at least attempted to take it a little lower.
* Rip swags down the side seams of the outer skirt, which would have added even more to the grunge feel of the costume.
* Darken up the green eyeshadow. While I was wearing several different shades, including khaki eyeliner, it never managed to show itself in photos. Considering it's such a highlight of the costume, it should be a more dramatic feature next time.
* Also, disappointingly, I didn't get the chance to have a photo in the Iron Throne, as they closed it off early to ensure all the previous photos were printed. Absolutely gutted, as I had been practicing my BAMF lounging posture for that very moment... Ah, well. Saved myself £5 to put towards a Charles Dance autograph!

However, while there were negative aspects, I still loved a heck of a lot about this costume:
* My first real live cosplay! Hell yeah!
* The cobweb dress featured the most beautiful fabric to ever cross my path, all gothic and slinky. I will definitely be wearing this out in public.
* I loved my figure in the corset, simple as xD
* Got to wear my favourite and most comfortable pirate boots underneath the skirt, without paying an extra penny for them.
* Two words: Magical. Swag.
* And, to top it all off, my friends cosplaying with me. Grace crossplayed as Melin, and her binding stories are some of the funniest of the entire holiday; Alice decided upon Kilgarrah in a hideous knitted dragon hat and the most delightful jersey wings you've ever seen; and Bryony, despite spending the majority of the day on the balcony due to a leg injury, treated herself to a beautiful purple dress for Gwen.
* All-round, I think a fantastically successful costume - And I hope I satisfied the few Merlin fans who did recognise me! :D