Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4




This is another of my favourite cosplays. It's by no means comfortable, or finished, (way to forget the black bit at Ada's neckline, self, and that wig neds a bit more work,) but I love wearing it. I just feel like such a lady in it. XD

The shoes are HORRIBLE. EVIL. I was bleeding within five minutes of putting them on. ¬.¬ And I had to run barefoot halfway across Telford because I couldn't put them back on and we were pushing it to catch the train in time. Also, what was I thinking, wearing a dress in February? But I still love it. I'm so proud of the butterflies, they're kind of an iconic thing for me now. XD And I love the massive shoot we had, with all my Resi bros. They're all amazing, beautiful people.


sjbonnar posted on 18 June, 2012 - 08:42
A fantastic version of Ada!