Dropship Pilot (Spunkmeyer) - Aliens





As you can probably tell from my Alien costume I'm a big Cameron Movie Fan. I wanted to do a costume that not many others had done and a Colonial Marine was a bit out of my price range. The dropship pilots consisted of Cpl Ferro and Pvt Spunkmeyer.

I managed to get lucky on the coverall it's actually MK11 RAF same as they used in the film, this was later confirmed when I met Collete Hiller who played Ferro. The patches I sourced from an Alien fan forum and the helmet (an adapted SPH4 Helicopter pilot helmet) was bought off a prop collector who owns the original pieces from the films.

The helmet has been featured in our fan movie Aliens Epilogue which stars Trevor Steedman who played Wierzbowski from the original Cameron movie :)


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