Paulo (Predator 1 creature) - Predator




I set out to build a Predator costume in 2007 but couldn't find the resources or time to research. I stumbled across the website The Hunters Lair and the rest was history.

Paulo was created using a pre bought raw latex mask and suit from the US and painted using a combination of both airbrush and basic painting methods. The fabric areas of the costume were all bought from fabricland and cut and tailored to fit the costume.

I now attend conventions in the costume and have done several promotional jobs for both Twentieth Century Fox and Sega. :)


Kyuipo posted on 14 June, 2012 - 02:34
Amazing XD

Manjou posted on 14 June, 2012 - 11:38
Amazing costume, a Predator on a bike outside the houses of parliament is the best thing ever though XD

Numta posted on 14 June, 2012 - 12:15
amazing suit dude and some of the jobs you done with it are crazy! LOL

Pred Paul posted on 19 June, 2012 - 02:18
Thanks guys being Paulo is fun you really get some weird contracts lol