Juclecia - Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche


AmeCon 2004

Cosplay Excellence


I loved wearing this so much, shame I spent most of my time being bright red, the heat of summer + thick black wig = death. I also had a fantastic Felicia to pose with (Delusional)...and her egg.

The whole costume was made out of an amazing fabric I found by chance and haven't seen since, I think it's a variant of Voille but it was incredibly thin, very weighty and moved like a dream. Was a complete arse to interface the bodice though as the same property that made it move so well also made it change shape when pulled in different directions. I had to be very careful to keep the outline the right size when ironing the pieces to the interfacing. I hid a zip down the back where the centre seam sits and then added a fake panel to finish the cross over effect and to secure the arm...sock I took the webbing from a hold-up stocking and sewed it into the top; it hardly moved all day.

The silver cuff is the top side of pringles tubes glued together and spray painted (the ridged end gave it a more finished look). The shoes were masking taped and sprayed and the side dangly bits were a smarties tube and a lump of fimo with some feathers and beads for good measure. All the detail was drawn on with a black permanent marker (eeeep no mistakes!). The other cuff is the middle of a pringles tube with some 1cm foam wrapped around the bottom and covered with the dress fabric.

The skirt sides were tube elastic sewn into the hem and I added another piece just above knee hight to stay between my legs and stop the skirt flapping over and hiding the split.

My friend Holly kindly did all the body art for me with eyeliner and it didn't rub off at all!

The wig weighed a tonne and I didn't really have enough hair grips in, so it felt a bit unstable. I was going to add two falls for the braids, but I managed to save some money by making a top knot out of 1cm foam rolled into a swiss roll shape and pinned to a flat base, I then painted it black and wrapped enough hair from the top of the wig around it to just cover the surface, this left pretty much all the wig for the braids and I could put her hair stick through the middle of the roll ^^

All the white detailing was done with white acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium and a very small brush. Painting this was actually my favourite task! I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out.

Angelphie posted on 19 March, 2008 - 23:21
I love all the detail on this - it's beautifully done and a really pretty costume!

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