Dave Strider (broken record tee) - Homestuck




yeah yeah I know Homestuck sucks and all but I ended up getting into it much to my surprise (I didn't want to work on Rapunzel progress so I procrastinated and ended up reading the entire thing at that time in 3 days and then I still hadn't made any cosplay progress so WHOOPS). I did want to cosplay someone from it, but I only had a month left after getting into it and didn't want to expend that much effort on it, so I decided to be a coolkid. Ordered the shirt from topatoco, had a black pair of jeans already, and got a pair of red plims from primark. I already had a blonde wig (originally was going to be used for Lambdadelta, but I ended up not cosplaying her) which I cut and styled to the best of my ability (skill level: not high. I suck at wigs. need more practise pls) after practising on a neon pink wig that was never going to get used again. Truth be told I also wanted something nice and casual to wear on the Sunday of expo so I could just veg out and be tired and derp about. It was a good decision on my part, I think. It was comfy and not too warm for me to overheat and I got to wear shades on one day of a ridiculously sunny weekend, so thumbs up from me. Not to mention I got to use my binder again - yessss. It's been a while since I used it (and I do like getting value for my money!) and I'd forgotten how nice it was. If nothing else, do check out how flat-chested I am in these pictures, because I'm squished down from an E-cup.

Not really a srs costume, but I'm putting it down here anyway. Might as well detail my descent into insanity.

Photos taken by Sam unless otherwise stated.


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