Rapunzel (Short hair) - Tangled




Ok so I got hooked on Tangled (and subsequently got straight back into Disney) after watching it with my best friend sometime in the summer of '11. The character I roleplayed at the time had notable physical similarities with Rapunzel, so "Punzie" was a nickname that was quickly coined for me and taken entirely in stride. Helps that I love her. The idea of cosplaying her crossed my mind a few times, but I didn't know how much time or money I'd have once at university. Just before Christmas I went out with a couple of friends who persuaded me to add Rapunzel to my to-cosplay list, no matter how soon or far away that day might come. I relented, and added it, and in early January realised I had far more spare time at uni than I thought I would, and a bit more money than I thought I would as well. Still being quite into Tangled and not having any other fandoms going on at the time, I figured that I might as well just go for it, and set about to work getting my stuff.
I didn't learn my lesson from Terra. I started in January and then took a long break until a couple of months before expo at which point I started to panic and got down to business. And defeated the Huns.

I was pretty pleased with my fabric choices. I was going for colour accuracy more than anything else- my bodice doesn't have detail on it because I knew I'd run out of time and didn't have the patience for it, but it corresponds well with the skirt, so I'm happy with it. For that heatwave of a weekend it was also surprisingly breathable! which I was super happy about. The underskirt (invisible in most pictures) was a thin white polycotton, and the purple overskirt is polyester of some form, I think. I'm not sure. The panel on the back of the bodice and the sleeves (minus caps) are gauze.

- The front panel of the skirt had some kind of pattern on it which looks hand embroidered or painted or something. I searched HQ pictures of her skirt until I found one that showed the pattern enough and drew it onto the back of one of the 8 panels her skirt is made from, and hand-stitched the detail on. It took absolutely forever (the longest part of the process bluuh), but it was so worth it.
- The extra detail on the skirt is fabric painted on. White and turquoise was used. I of course after finishing and wearing it looked back at the pictures I'd been using and realised I should have used pink and turquoise. Balls, but at least the detail stood out. Hand-copied the pattern from various screenshots for accuracy.
- Used 2 different patterns for the bodice. The sleeves and body are different.
- Top-stitched ribbon onto the sleeve caps as detailed in HQ screenshots. Unfortunately forgot and ran out of time to do the embroidery work just below the caps. Lace at the cuffs is the same as the hemline and bustline lace.
- First time putting in eyelets! I was pleased with how they came out. I was worried they'd come off after I'd put them in, so I bashed them until the wrong side of them were knocked into a wonky angle, meaning the eyelets themselves couldn't move at all and saved me a lot of paranoia. I can't tie bows, though.

There's not a lot I'd change about the costume. I knew I wouldn't have the wig-styling expertise needed to craft a blonde wig, and I was running out time by the time I bought one anyway so I went for the short-haired version- and this was the first time I was trying to style a wig by myself. When I left the house it looked nice, and I'd managed to get a fringe-sweep going on, but I ended up hanging out in rather windy areas at expo and I don't think it held very well. :9 I'd redo the wig, for certain, and possibly change parts of the bodice (the sleeves were a little tight/not ploofy enough at the caps; redo the bustline lace because wow I screwed that up trying to adjust it on the morning, needs to be sewn down some more) and make the underskirt a little longer. Other than that it was a lot of fun to wear and make, and the costume I'm most proud of to date.

Photos taken by my friend Sam.


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