Stocking Anarchy (Police) - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


We won the trophy for the best presentation of Animatsuri 2012!




convention: Animatsuri 2012

My lovely group!
Me as Stocking
Valentino as Stocking Boy
Sakuranna as Panty
Bercik as Panty Boy
Kyoshira as Ghost


video: (from 23:29 to 26:40)

Stocking: You bitchy, naughty slat with disgasting little boobs…
Panty: Oh Stocking…
S: How could you destroy my cupcake?! You will feel my sweet revange!
P: Maybe but…Have you ever look in the mirror? If you eat a few chocolate cupcakes more, you will not see anything because of your stomach!
S: You bitch!
P: Fat ass!
S: Fugly bitch!
P: Disgasting fat ass!

Sorry for mistakes! ;.;


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