King Kazma (Version 1 (White Hair)) - Summer Wars




I saw Summer Wars for the first time around 3 months ago. VERY good movie by the way, I highly recommend it, especially for fans of the Digimon movie "Boku no War Game" as it's quite similar and apparently it's directed by the same person? Anyway, I fell in love with the character King Kazma, he's very kick-ass. I love the way he looks, it's a very interesting design.
I'm doing the costume for the London MCM this October (2012). It's the first costume in which I'm making some of the parts myself - namely the ears, gloves, goggles and belt - so I really hope this goes well. I'm hoping to commission someone to make the shoes for me, though, as I have no idea where to begin with them... Also, this is a partially-humanised version of this character, as in, not a fursuit. I'll wear white make-up on my face - with a little grey bunny nose! - and maybe red contacts as well for the eyes.
Let's see how it turns out! :D


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