Claudia Auditore (authentic 1480s dress rather than game version) - Assassins Creed




As much as I love the costumes from assassins creed, they weren't authentic enough for me, well the main female characters that is. So after doing some research into the clothing of the time and place that the game is set in, I decided to make a Florentine costume that Claudia might well have worn as a young woman. It consists of a cotton/linen mix camica or to the English a shift, a pair of linen pantaloons. The underdress or the gamurra is made of pure wool and is completely hand sewn, I got quite the bargin at £4 a metre on the wool, and the under gown took less than 3 metres. The dress was drafted using a method devised by tasha mcgann on and doesn't require any stays or cording to support the bust. It has reversible silk and wool sleeves which lace to the dress and up the back as was the fashion, and again are hand drafted and sewn. The overdress is made not quite to period standard, but atm I can't afford silk brocade, but when you find period pattern brocade synthetic or not at less than £10 a metre you buy it. This will be what is known as a cioppa, which comes to a very deep v at the front showing the lacing rings on the gamurra and follows the shallow v of the back neck line. This dress can be worn with the gamurra sleeves or a matching pair if I have enough brocade. I'm also making a capulet from gold cord, braid and glass pearl beads. I may need a wig, at best I'll need extensions to get the right hair length. With it I'm wearing a pair of modern boots that have a period correct look.


Sephirayne posted on 13 June, 2012 - 23:08
looking great. Love that you've gone for a authentic look.

elfzena posted on 17 June, 2012 - 11:56
Thankies hun. Just got to adjust the cioppa and make the capulet and pouch n I'm done. Then onto la volpe.