Chiiko - Damekko Doubutsu




Chiiko, the useless cheeta is pretty much an idea cosplay for me! I love the series and it lends itself very well to cosplay, as there are no full face masks required.

The costume is made of fairly standard fun fur, the closest I could get to cheeta patturned. I think if I redid it, I'd be tempted to get some animal patturn suede type stuff, as the patturns are much better and being a dress, it doesn't need to be fluffy.

The dress is a very simple pattern, cut from two peices, with a zip in the back. Seams were adjusted so it fits very snuggly. I made it a bit short to begin with, so have since taken the hem down two inches :)

The arm and leg pieces are narrowing tubes that stay on because the fabric is very elastic. The shoes are coveres that go on over my slippers and are held in place with elastic. Chiiko's ears are fur covered foam peices, stuck on a narrow headband that is hidden by my hair.


stripey_dani posted on 12 January, 2009 - 01:18
I love Chiiko x3 Needs moar pics!