Nejaa Halcyon (Clone Wars Armour) - Star Wars Expanded Universe





I'm doing this because I wanted an Armoured Clone Wars Jedi, and since Nejaa is the Grandfather of Corran Horn, I can use my Corran Robes as a Basis for this costume.

I will be adding Clone armour to my existing Corran robes.
Most likely I will add forearm armour to cover the bandages, and Shin armour & Clone boots, which I have from when I considered doing Clone Wars Obi-Wan.
I might also add pauldrons to this costume too, but that will depend on what armour I have....

Anything that needs securing will be kept in place using magnets so that the Base Robes are not damaged.

After discussing this with a friend at CMK18, I will also be including Nejaa's Jedi Credit Coin.
I will be using the coin that comes with the Ralph McQuarrie Han Solo Concept as a basis for this.


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