Henry Townshend - Silent Hill 4: The Room




This was something of an impulse cosplay, as I didn’t originally have plans to cosplay as Henry. My first choice of cosplay from this game would have actually been Eileen, though that’s still a cosplay I’m a bit unsure about doing since I’m not used to wearing low-backed dresses. I ended up doing Henry due to spotting by chance a shirt that happened to be the perfectly pale enough shade of blue and had the exact same style and placement of pockets. The only thing that it was missing was the little slit at each side of the bottom edge. I might add those in myself later, though I didn’t really mind wearing it as is. Every week I went up town the shirt was still available in the shop, so I figured that I would end up kicking myself if I didn’t just buy one when I could. I also ended up buying a second one once the size I needed had been re-stocked since I thought it would be a good idea to bloody one up so that I can also do " Victim Henry " as well.

The game revolves around the story of serial killer Walter Sullivan ( who was first mentioned a few times in Silent Hill 2 ) and his connection to apartment room 302 of South Ashfield Heights. Henry is the person unlucky enough to have been assigned this particular room to live in, and one day finds himself unable to leave his apartment due to the door having somehow been locked up from the inside with a number of chains and padlocks. Over time the room experiences more and more hauntings which Henry can try to keep under control by placing holy candles. A hole appears in his bathroom wall which leads him to the different " levels " of the game each time he crawls through it, which include subway, forest, water prison, building and hospital areas. The forest area ( Wish / Hope House Orphanage ) and water prison were previously mentioned in an article you can collect in Silent Hill 3.

Walter is aiming to finish killing 21 people or " sacraments " in the belief that doing so will awaken his mother, which he actually believes to be room 302 itself after having been abandoned there as a baby by his real parents who had originally lived there. He believes this ritual will work due to having been raised at Wish House Orphanage where he was taught to believe in the ways of The Order ( Silent Hill’s cult ). Walter has decided that Henry will be his 21st and final victim, and along with his neighbour Eileen ( who was chosen to be the 20th sacrament ) Henry must try to stop Walter.

Although he’s the protagonist Henry himself doesn’t really have a back-story to unravel as the plot is really about Walter. Henry’s just someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What we know about Henry is that he enjoys photography, with his only real connection to Silent Hill being that he has visited the town a few times and taken pictures of some of the different locations there. He’s also well-known for being very stoic and impassive, usually only showing very minimal reactions even when he finds himself in very dangerous or disturbing situations. This has become something of a running joke in the fandom. He’s not very talkative and throughout the game he mutters, " What the hell? " to himself quite a lot, which has come to be known by Silent Hill fans as being his catchphrase.

I wore this on the Sunday of May Expo 2012 where I had a quick photoshoot with the help of Angelic-cat15 in our hotel room at the Ramada. Unfortunately we didn’t end up having enough time to take any shots with the holy candles in the room as we had to meet up with our other friends for the CLAMP meet as well as check out of the hotel and put our luggage into storage the same morning, but we did at least get some of my Henry sitting on the bed and messing around with the apartment door ( sans chains and padlocks, obviously... ). I did try to act in character and stay poker-faced for photos but I couldn’t help laughing in some of the shots anyway... XD

The wig I used is the same one that I bought for my Murphy cosplay since their hair is very similar to each other’s ( some people say that they look like twins, but I honestly think that it’s only their hair that looks samey ). I bought the candles from my local pound shop. I might replace them if I can find some thicker ones as I didn’t have the time to shop around for them and they’re quite thin. Henry also has quite a noticeably warm skin-tone so I bought some darker foundation ( I used a shade called, " Honey " ) in an attempt to make mine look closer to his. I was a bit worried that it might end up looking orangey but thankfully that didn’t happen. Looking at the photos afterwards I think I could have probably afforded to get a darker shade - I think that you can see the colour a bit better in some of my photos than in others. I used brown eye-shadow for the 5 o’clock shadow again, this time trying to make it look more subtle for Henry and actually managed to get it just how I wanted it.


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