Elise (Doll) - Sound Horizon


Amecon 2012


This was the design that appealed to me the most from Marchen - the design which actually got me into the music in the first place. I really recommend listening to Sound Horizon if you never have, it's amazing! Hopefully for amecon as long as my funds work out with Yuki as Marchen.

bedheadwolf posted on 3 August, 2012 - 14:28
This looks amazing! You look so pretty! :)

InfiniteJester posted on 3 August, 2012 - 23:56
aww thanks !

KiraraYumi posted on 4 August, 2012 - 00:04
Cripes, this is GORGEOUS! You look so lovely, I hope I catch ya in this at Ame!

Pandora-Chi posted on 22 August, 2012 - 23:54
This is seriously stunning work lovely <3 You look beautiful!

InfiniteJester posted on 22 August, 2012 - 23:57
Thanks so much guys! Glad my effort paid off!

Einmyria posted on 14 December, 2012 - 19:49
Gorgeous cosplay! love all the details ^^

InfiniteJester posted on 14 December, 2012 - 20:16
Ah,thanks so much! I tried to make it as accurate as I could :)

KiraraYumi posted on 2 January, 2014 - 12:37
I can appreciate this more now! Really love the latest photo, you look so cute *u* Still in total awe of this dress as well~

InfiniteJester posted on 2 January, 2014 - 19:27
Ffff thanks so much :P I kept forgetting I had to edit the last photos from the shoot!

Getti posted on 8 January, 2014 - 17:46
This is such a pretty costume! It suits you a lot Kila x

InfiniteJester posted on 8 January, 2014 - 20:25
Aw, thank you hunni - looking forward to making my next ball gown :P

hoop skirt
top part of dress and choker
under corset

Total cost: £0.00

2nd August 2012


I offically hate frills. Had to do them twice on the top to get them right and spent three days making them for the bottom of the skirt. Taking up the skirt now as it's too long. after that though just the sash to make, some bows on the sleeves and the headband

22nd July 2012


Skirt is almost done - wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. Just need to finish attaching the trim to the skirt and top and then finish attaching the last black panel. Then have to add straps, make the headband, make the sash and add more detailing like frills

16th July 2012

halfway there

The top and sleeves are almost done - i just have to add on the straps and the zillions of frills and decoration. Starting the skirt tomorrow.

30th June 2012


i bought the material for this a few weeks ago and will making a pattern sometime this week for it. hoop skirt arrived yesterday

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