Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Orange Detailed Spacesuit) - Prometheus





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Progress Journal

6th June 2012

Planning and Worrying

In the early stages of figuring out how to construct Elizabeth Shaw's orange detailed undersuit from Prometheus.
Am considering some variety of spandex/PVC unitard or a wetsuit. The pattern will be a problem, not to mention finding the right colour, which seems to vary from shot to shot. No idea how to currently make the armour, am looking into Quasar/Paintballing/Motorbiking/American Football/Martial arts armour.
The helmet will not be attempted, as in the part of the film this suit is from Shaw & co have abandoned helmets and outer suits.
Am having trouble finding complete costume refs.
In short, basic ideas are forming, but there is more despairing at the lack of resources going on than anything else. Don't get me wrong, I have a full folder of images, but I think some more indepth trawling of various forums will be required before I'm ready to begin.
The image attached is the lowest cut one I've been able to find, and that stops at the knees. Help would be much appreciated.