Chiana (John Quixote) - Farscape




I promised myself this one, as a consolation for the disaster that happened with the previous Chiana version I tried.
I pretty much refuse to waste a hand wefted wig and make-up trials, so I'm opting for a more simple costume though hopefully still iconic for the character. This will mean it'll be cheaper for me, and also easier to guarentee completion. It should also allow me to move better so I can be on full crazy all day.
So pretty much anyone who loves Farscape and Chiana remembers and loves this episode - certainly in my opinion the fun silly ones are the absolute best farscape had to offer- so I'm hoping I can still do the character justice.
I imagine the hardest part is going to be the boots, but the rest should be very simple.


FuriePhoenix posted on 4 June, 2012 - 18:20
epic choice!!

Progress Journal

4th June 2012

Making a start

If I don't do this now then I'll keep putting it off forever. As it is I'm already no longer the right shape for this cosplay (frelling curves!), so I'm getting it done before I'd have to use industrial strapping to look like gigi edgely.
Brief breakdown:
- This version of Chiana has glorious stripey leggings (why is it they always dress pip in crazy colours and stripes when they go into fantasy mode?), which I'll make by using grey and white striped cotton jersey and painting over the white sections with yellow fabric paint (it looks like that's how it's done for the ep aswell).
- Next on the list is that fabulous hat, which will again be baby blue stretch fabric for comfort, with the black stripes sewn on with homemade yellow piping, then padded to add the shape until it reaches the head. Fiddley no doubt but should look fun when it's finished.
- The jerkin is blue quilted cotton, finished with matching piping and eyelets to lace up the front. It has two sections, one which reaches down to the natural waistline and another flap below that which covers her down to the hips, hiding the belt onto which the sword holster and whip are mounted. This lower flap is not laced up.
- The sleeves appear to be attached onto the jerkin directly, but I'll decide whether to do this as I go along. They look to me to be made from China Silk (too reflective to be real silk) so I'll use that to make them - yay cheap!. They're also gathered at the shoulder seam to give them that billowed look and get wider towards the wrists where they are tucked into the glove cuffs (I'll likely elasticate the ends of the sleeves for security).
- The gloves appear to be in two parts, real leather gloves at the bottom and a rediculously big cuff of vinyl leatherette in a brighter colour, tied on with a buckle. So I'll be using the gloves from my Helga costume, and using the same fabric from the belt and boots to make the cuffs.
-The boots are really cheap looking vinyl leatherette, in a colour that looks practically orange. They reach up to mid thigh with a fold down cuff that reaches down to her knees. The boots lace up at the side, from below the ankle in a cord of the same colour. Interestingly these boots are low wedge heels and very pointy, so I'll look out for a base shoe like this to build onto.
- Another interesting thing to note is that although it appears from the front that the jerkin laces over Chi's chest alone, she is actually wearing a tube top over the top of her waist high leggings that is a close match to her skin colour, which is keeping her strapped in (this'll be useful to me as I'm no where near as flat chested so I can use it like binding).
- Props here include a fencing sabre, and a small dagger. I may only make the dagger and instead make the enormous blue fabric flower she's seen with near the start of the episode (it's sparkly and fun and I hate posing with big weapon props). More research needed... oh and I need to own the episode on DVD...