Sakura (Casual/Chunin exams (Undecided)) - Naruto

In Progress




Okies guys, I bought a pink wig a while back for a show and I thought... 'Hmm this is an awesome wig, maybe I should use it for a cosplay.

Yeah, so in the pic I've posted its the half way edited one which I cut, I will post a before me cutting, the half one is up and the final result after styling it~

I'm working on my Brother's Gaara cosplay and my own Temari cosplay at the moment so I havent got the time to put in for Sakura, but I have a casual cosplay for her that I may post in the not too distant future if I can be bothered~ Im really happy with the styling of the wig since I did it on my own but I would appreciate comments on how to improve and stuff~


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