Ifalna Faremis - Final Fantasy VII





There will never be enough Ifalna love in the world. I do have a penchant for obscurity, I can't deny it. My ability to walk around and not be recognised is somewhat legendary, but I think it might be nice to crack out Aerith's mum once in a while just to pester the cosplayers with maternal love!

She also has a remarkably simple outfit; so hurray for easy things! I just need to decide when she's making an appearance and go from there.


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Progress Journal

11th October 2012

The power of obscurity compels me!

Nobody knows who Ifalna is. It's a bit of a shame really. I've always rather liked her, at least from a super cool Cetran kind of stand point. She was the last pure-blooded Ancient, yet it's always Aerith that gets the recognition. Her Mama needs some love too!

So here's Iffy. The wig needs styling to get the uber bangs and curls in, the dress needs gold trim adding to the sleeves and the hip scarf needs hemming. But I took a picture anyway, so... :)