The Mouth of Sauron - Lord of The Rings



This cosplay has been on my list in my head for a good 8 years... I have desided to finally let it shine through and it is now on my planned list and fairly high up!

My original plan was possibly October Expo'12 buuut I have FF: DW liturally right after that and I cant go from Scotland to England twice in the space of a week or I'd be bankrupt.

I also contimplated with making The Eye of Sauron and desided I didnt want to get wheeled around xD

Sephirayne posted on 12 June, 2012 - 21:25
OMG! EPIC!!! Can't wait to see.

Raine posted on 13 June, 2012 - 11:14
Haha! Me either, I hope I pull him off well ^_^;

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