League Of Legends

Cosplayer: Skyflake

Variant: Bloodmoon Skin

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Rubikins avatar

Rubikins - 6th August 2012
This is looking amazing so far! Hope to see you in October! :D

Luvinaxel100 avatar

Luvinaxel100 - 6th August 2012
Oh wow! O: >w< From the progress you've done so far, you're going to make an awesome Akali! <3 Seriously, keep up the amazing work! :'D I'll keep an eye out for you at London! Good luck with the outfit. <3 C:

Skyflake avatar

Skyflake - 6th August 2012
Awh thanks guys >,<

Yuka avatar

Yuka - 6th August 2012
Oooh this is my favourite Akali outfit!! I can't wait to see this in person at Expo!! *__* <3

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 14th August 2012
looking forward to seeing this at expo! Mask looks awesome :D

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 26th September 2012
Im reallylooking forward to see this are those contact lenses! they look great what are they called :D

Skyflake avatar

Skyflake - 26th September 2012
@Ros3ify I can't remember the brand of the lenses, but I did buy them from Shoppingholics.com. Not much help, sorry :/ ♥