The Avengers Assemble 2012

Cosplayer: Island of Georgi

Variant: Gender swap

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th May 2013: Finished the head piece Since I realised there is now less than 2 weeks until MCM expo, I feel stressed that I probably won't get it finished at the pace I'm going - so I had a "full steam ahead day". It was worth it because I pretty much half finished the top of the dress as well as finishing the head piece. hopefully I can get my costume finished by the end of the week because I hate still working on costumes with less than a week to go.

12th May 2013: Skirt is complete! part 2 when I first said the skirt was complete the buckle wasn't attached cos the original idea was to attach the top half to the skirt, the add the buckle last the cover the seam. However I since realised that it would be easier to put on if it was in 2 halfs, and also easier to repair if anything broke. So now the buckle is on the skirt, which makes it properly finished.

9th May 2013: Boots My boots arrived, which is good cos i was really worried theyd be late arriving, i was also worried they wouldn't fit cos i bought them online but they fit fine so all good :)

9th May 2013: Shoelaces - but not for shoes I got some 125cm shoe laces today so I can do up the top part of my thor dress with like a corset-type lacing so that it'll fit the shape of my body

8th May 2013: Silver head band arrives My silver head band arrived today, it's going to be used for the head piece. I basically decided when I got paid last month to order all the rest of the stuff I need to finish my costume since my uni deadline is 10th May so not a lot of progress is being made - priorities!

13th April 2013: The leggings are here I ordered a pair of silver wet-look leggings online so that they would look "armor-ish" on my legs, and they arrived today :)

10th April 2013: Skirt is complete! I finished the skirt, yaaaaay, minus the belt buckle which needs to go on last to cover up the seam when I sew on the top half of the dress.

8th April 2013: Full steam ahead Since there is now less than 2 months until expo i thought it's about time I actually make a proper start on this costume. I started on the belt today. I painted the material black, since it's actually brown, then painted silver detail on the main belt strap. I also cut out and painted the pieces for the buckle. The buckle isn't stuck down yet but I think it's looks great anyway.

10th August 2012: Chest armor almost finished The chest armor is now papier mached, primed, spray painted and varnished. I just need to add the velcro and make a cape to go with it, very exciting :)

10th August 2012: Hammer finished! My hammer is finally completed :D i am so proud of it, and my fellow femvengers have given their approval which is a great big added bonus. I used all leftover materials on it so it was completely free!

6th August 2012: Papier mache fun! Today I finally got the breastplate papier mached, i still have another layer to go, but I am pleased i got the first layer done before the weather started raining on me again

6th August 2012: Spray painting The silver spray paint on the hammer is all done now, next step is to draw on the pattern as i'm basing it on the movie-style hammer.

5th August 2012: Hamer - papier mache I have now finished papier macheing the hammer, so it's all ready for painting - yaaaaay. I did start papier macheing the breastplate as well but the good old british summertime weather decided to typically start raining all over it.

4th August 2012: More cardboard Today I started on the actual costume with the breastplate. I used an old strapless bra and some cardboard. Next step is to papier mache my hammer and breastplate.

3rd August 2012: Thor's hammer I assembled my hammer, it's pretty much just a cardboard box and two kitchen roll tubes stuck together right now, but I think it looks pretty good so far.