Rapunzel (Original Movie) - Disney's Tangled





I love Tangled, easily one of my favourite movies of all time. I also love Rapunzel as a character, and due to my similar personality, I think I'd play the role quite well.

I am so looking forward to this cosplay because I've always wanted to do a beautiful princessy dress cosplay, as well as a disney one.

It is also the first cosplay I make wear I can also experiment with a wig, so I'm really excited about this.

Planning to start in the next few weeks, I promise I won't lose the photos for this one :P



Kyuipo posted on 12 June, 2012 - 21:27
its a cameleon, not a frog. sure looks like a frog though ^^

Island of Georgi posted on 15 June, 2012 - 21:45
Oops, did I call it a frog? I knew it was a chameleon as well XD

Island of Georgi posted on 15 June, 2012 - 21:46
Oh, I see wear it says frog, I didn't realise because I didn't label that picture XD

CaptainAmelia posted on 17 August, 2012 - 00:20
"Here's your pan, here's your frog." xD Excited to see this! Looks like you've done your research, which is definitely worth it for this dress - There's a lot of detail crammed into something supposedly simple! Good luck :D

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Progress Journal

16th August 2012

Costume finished :D

So now all the clothing for this cosplay is done! I'm so happy with it and hopefully it'll debut on saturday at Invasion Colchester and I should have some full cosplay photos on soon.

The only problem is that the wig i bought has become really knotted as it's so long so I'm having to take it to a wig shop tomorrow to get it sorted and I'm dreading them saying that it's unrepairable :(

6th August 2012

Almost there

So now one of the sleeves is sewn on, as well as the front panel and the lace around the bottom. Just got to shape the front panel, sew on the last sleeve and sewn the lace around the neck :D

So looking forward to finishing - i have never spent this long on a cosplay before XD

4th August 2012

Slow progress

I've been really busy recently, but I finally got round to doing some more work on this cosplay. I added eyelets for the shoelace effect on the front of the bodice and pinned on the sleeves and lace around the bottom, as well as re-shaping it so it fitted my body better.

24th July 2012

Stepping back to make progress

I decided I didn't like the shape of the bodice, and I really didn't want to wear it as it was. My art teacher always told me that sometimes you have to destroy to make progress, so I bought a different pattern and started it again. I like the shape of this one a lot better.

16th July 2012

Right sleeve

So now that the bodice and skirt are done, it's time to add the sleeves. They take quite a long time to do so I did the one on the right today, one more sleeve to go :)

15th July 2012

Little details

I've reached a point where I'm so close to finishing that I want to try to finish this for next Saturday so I can wear it at the Animedia East cosplay picnic in Norwich. So in an attempt to finish off the main body part of the bodice, I added gold eyelets down the middle, a panel to fill the gap in the middle so it appears as if there's a layer underneath, as well as sewing on lace around the edge and some pretty pink trim.

13th July 2012

Painting pattern

I felt that the darker panel of the skirt was too dark so I painted a pattern of it to match the one in the movie

6th July 2012

Getting there :P

I finally started building the bodice. I sewed the pieces together in their basic shapes, then I pinned the sides and straps to make it fit with a better shape, with the help of my sister, ready to be sewn tomorrow.

I would have sewn it today but I ran out of cotton, so a trip to Franklins is needed tomorrow.

4th July 2012

10th post!!!

Woooo, my 10th post, my record is getting so much longer and I've hit another mile stone! So proud.

Today I whipped out a pattern I had shoved under my bed over a year ago, which I'd bought cos at the time I thought it looked interesting, and now I am finally using it.

I had to modify the pattern a lot as it was like 2 sizes too big and was a bit of a different shape to what I wanted, but I think it came out ok.

2nd July 2012


I ordered a Pascal plushie online to go with the cosplay, and it arrived today :D it's so cute!! <3

1st July 2012

Skirt - completed

My purple fabric arrived yesterday, so today I went full steam ahead. And I actually got the skirt completed! Theoretically i am half-way through, if only the bodice wasn't so detailed XD

30th June 2012

New shoes :P

Because I am still waiting for my purple fabric to arrive to replace the one that was wrong coloured, I decided to buy my shoes. These are for wearing around expos and things, most of the time i'm hoping i won't be wearing any shoes

28th June 2012

Making up time

I was hoping that I would have been able to finish the skirt once the paint dried, however because I've have to order some new fabric I can't. Instead I decided to think ahead and measured and cut out the pieces for the poofy bits on the sleeves.

Also - very exciting - I found a Pascal (the chameleon) plushie on ebay so I ordered it today, thought it'd be a great cosplay buddy since I'm having no luck finding a Fylnn Rider XD.

28th June 2012

5th entry - my new record!

This is only the second cosplay I've done a blog on here for, and on the first one I forgot to blog after like 2 entries, so I'm feeling quite proud now :D.

Anyways, since I've not done anything for like 2 weeks I thought I'd try and do a lot of work in one go. Today I finished painting the pattern around the bottom and down the front of the main part of the skirt. The photo isn't that easy to see but I'm quite pleased with it :)

27th June 2012

Wrong fabric oh noes! D:

I ordered the fabric for the front of the skirt from amazon.co.uk but the fabric was way more pink than how it was shown in the photo, so I can't really use it and I'll have to order a different one.

The seller said she'd be happy to give me a refund for it, but actually the fabric is a really nice shade of pinky red, even tho my photo doesn't show nearly how nice it really looks, so I think I'm gonna try and find another project for it.

15th June 2012

Glitter paint

I started painting the pattern down the front of the lilac part of the skirt, it came out differently to how I thought it would, but I actually really like how it looks

15th June 2012

Lace on the skirt

Today I sewed some lace around the bottom of the lilac back panel of the skirt, I think it looks quite pretty :)

12th June 2012

The start of making

I received my lilac satin today, which I ordered off of ebay, so I decided to make a start.

I cut out a trapezium-shaped piece of fabric and hemmed all 4 sides for the back panel of the skirt.